Your safety is our top concern,

At Plaza Theatre Company we will be utilizing a wide range of techniques and protocols, both in the front of house for staff and audience as well as backstage at rehearsals and performances for actors and crew. This is a detailed listing of those procedures and protocols.

Our Plans for Safety of Audience and Performers

We want to assure you that the safety of all who enter Plaza Theatre Company is our highest priority. The following guidelines have been developed in coordination with local health officials and city officials and with their blessing. In light of the pandemic, we will be utilizing and enforcing the following strict guidelines for the safety of our patrons, volunteers, staff and performers.

Social Distancing:

1. Audience members who prefer to sit in seats which are physically distanced from other audience members and performers on stage must call the Box Office at 817-202-0600. Over the phone our customer service staff will reserve seats which will be at least 1 seat in all directions from other patrons and performers.


3. We are fitting all air circulation units in the building with Rim Halo Filtration systems that will filter pathogens out of the air. These are units similar to those used in hospitals designed to minimize the passage of germs between those in the building.
4. We will provide multiple touchless hand sanitizer stations throughout the lobby and restrooms.
5. Before and after each performance, seats and all touch surfaces will be sanitized using an EPA List N registered disinfectant, applied with a ULV fogger for maximum coverage. Additionally, all touch surfaces in the lobby and bathrooms will be sanitized before the show and before intermission to ensure a bacteria free environment.
6. Disinfectant wipes will be available in the bathroom for patrons that wish to sanitize the toilet before their use for their own peace of mind.

Restroom Facilities:

7. We will provide alternating urinals, sinks and toilet facilities which will be marked off as “Not In Use” to assist in social distancing.
8. Bathrooms will be sanitized before the show and before intermission.
9. Restroom Counters will have sanitary wipes so that those using them may sanitize before each use if they desire.

Reduce Shared Surface Touching:

10. The front doors will be propped open when the audience arrives so that no door handle will need to be touched.
11. The doors to the men's and women's restrooms will be propped open so that the audience does not need to touch them (in our building the restroom facilities cannot be seen from outside the doorway.)
12. Patrons will be allowed to print their own tickets at home or show their ticket on their phone to avoid picking up tickets if they choose.
13. Physical show programs will not be provided. Rather, a digital version of the program for the show will be available through the use of a QR code.

Face Masks:

14. In light of the most recent guidance from the CDC we will continue to encourage the use of facemasks while indoors but masks will no longer be required. According to the CDC, those who are fully vaccinated may safely remove their masks indoors so we will permit each patron to choose whether or not to wear a mask. Of course those who would prefer to wear a mask are encouraged to do so.

15. We will be providing face masks at the door to audience members that would like to wear one.
16. All staff and volunteers will be required to wear face masks throughout their time in the building. While not on stage, actors and crew will be required to wear a face mask.

Patron & Staff Screening:

17. We will request all who may be feeling symptomatic in any way to not attend and to reschedule for a future performance when they feel better. Our ticketing policies will be relaxed to allow for late exchanges if necessary.
18. No actor, crew member, staff member or volunteer will be permitted to work a show while feeling unwell in any way. Appropriate screening will take place to ensure this guideline is strictly observed.

Ticket and Concession Counters

19. Our ticket counter and concession stand will be shielded with acrylic sneeze guards.

20.  Concession counter -
    a. On top of complying with all existing food handling protocols, additional training will be required for staff/volunteers who work the concession stand with a focus on taking a “touchless” approach to transactions.
    b. Contactless payment will be encouraged but only one person takes or distributes money.
    c. Only one volunteer will work the popcorn popper and may not hand the popcorn to the patron. Instead it will be placed on the counter as ordered so that the patron may retrieve it themselves.
    d.  Only one volunteer will fill the drinks and straws which are individually wrapped in paper. The drinks and straws will be placed on the counter as ordered to be picked up by the patron.  
    e.  Candy bars are behind the counter and given to the patron as ordered instead of them being allowed to pick it up themselves.
    f.  Social distance markers are placed on the floor to encourage social distancing while in line.

Backstage Safety for Performers and Crew During Rehearsal or Performance

1. Regardless of vaccination status, ALL cast and crew members will be required to wear a mask during rehearsal and backstage during performances until further notice. This method will be actively monitored and applied by the Covid Compliance Officer (CCO). During performances, all cast and crew members who have indicated that they are fully vaccinated will be required to submit a clear rapid Covid test on the Thursday of that week before being allowed to perform in that weekend's shows. All cast and crew members who are NOT vaccinated will be required to submit a clear rapid Covid test on all days of performances. Additionally, all cast members who play a role that involves physical intimacy with another performer on stage will be required to submit a clear rapid Covid test daily regardless of vaccination status.
2. Anyone attending rehearsal or arriving for performances will be checked for fever before being allowed into rehearsal or backstage. If fever exists, that person will not be permitted into Plaza property. If anyone associated with the show feels ill in any way, especially if they exhibit any of the symptoms of COVID-19, they are asked to notify the Stage Manager and to remain away as long as they are symptomatic. In cases where it is warranted, the person will be encouraged to be tested
3. Anyone attending rehearsal or arriving for performances will be asked to frequently wash hands with soap and water, to use hand sanitizer which will be provided in ample amounts after coughing, sneezing or touching their face, to cough or sneeze into a tissue or their elbow, and to maintain a safe distance from others in attendance at all times.
4. Everyone on Plaza property during rehearsals and backstage at performances will be asked to apply extra vigilance in maintaining distance from and avoiding contact with others in attendance. Actors and crew members will be provided with personal spaces backstage that allow for social distancing while preparing for and performing in the show.

5. Cast and crew sizes backstage will be kept to an absolute minimum. No one but cast and crew will be permitted backstage.
6. Until further notice, the practice of greeting the audience after each performance will be discontinued.
7. All parts of Plaza facilities in use will receive constant thorough anti-bacterial cleaning with a particular emphasis on areas that are frequently used and touched such as doors and door knobs. This cleaning policy will be maintained via a predetermined schedule which will be monitored and adhered to by Plaza custodial staff.

8. All Plaza Covid-19 policies will be monitored and administered for strict adherence by a paid staff member called the Covid Mitigation Officer (CMO). This CMO will be trained and accredited in Covid mitigation efforts and will be the final authority for Plaza Theatre Company in maintaining these strict standards. The CMO will be present at ALL functions where actors and crew are present.

Let's go see a show!

In such a unique situation we appreciate your patience as we seek to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all who enter Plaza Theatre Company.