The Plaza Guild is a volunteer organization that assists the theatre producers, patrons and performers in many ways. The Plaza Guild slogan is "The Dream Team That's Behind the Scenes" and it's true. Without the contribution of this fabulous group of volunteers, Plaza Theatre would not be able to continue as a powerful force for enjoyment in the community. The current Plaza Guild President is Christina Hopper with support from Plaza Producer Tina Barrus.

MISSION: To provide Plaza patrons with a welcoming and polite experience during their attendance at Plaza productions both while being seated as well as when purchasing concessions. To provide meals for Cast and Crew on days when the theater presents more than one performance. Also, to support Plaza Producers in all aspects of production including assistance with scenery, costumes, props etc.

What the Guild Does

Ushering and Concession Sales

Guild members show patrons to their seats, give patrons programs for each performance and generally manage the house during performances. They also manage the concession counter and acount for concession profits during each performance.


Production Support

Guild members provide assistance to Plaza Producers in presenting each production by helping with Scenery (collection and building), Costumes (construction and collection), Props, Theatre maintenance, and so on.

Guild members are the first to see every production at a special "Guild Preview Night" at the beginning of each production.

Guild Contact Information

For more information or to join the Plaza Guild, contact the Volunteer Guild President via email at