The Happiest Millionaire

Anthony J. Drexel Biddle is an enthusiastic but unpredictable father who has a fine house in Philadelphia, a fortune of one million dollars, and a great enthusiasm for lunacy. He collects alligators and prizefighters and rules his family by bluster. Whenever the butler comes in, the butler inquires deferentially, 'You yelled, sir?' Among those Biddle rules is this daughter, Cordelia, who falls in love with a southern boy, Angier Duke. Biddle tries to take over and run this romance as well, but for the first time in his noisy career he meets defeat. Eventually Biddle's heart is won and he is resigned to losing his daughter. Based on the classic Disney movie of the same name.

Suggested by the Book "My Philadelphia Father" by Cordelia Drexel Biddle and Kyle Crichton
Written by Kyle Crichton
Directed by Taffy Geisel

Ticket Prices:

Adults $15
Seniors $13
Students $13
Children $12
Groups of 10 or more $12

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